Musical motivational kicks in the butt to help you kick ass at life.

Better days

Get Your Shit Together

I Quit

Reach for the Sky

Biggest Mistake

Gotta Get Out!

Recorded at Booij Recordings.

About Plus Ultra Instinct

Rock band with punk influences from Leeuwarden/ Sneek.

Started in september 2017, the band consists of Sophia v/d Heide on drums, Johan Arendz on bass and guitar,
and Adriaan Diepeveen on guitar, bass, and vocals.

We write and play our own music. Our musical influences include Paramore, Disco Ensemble, Sum 41, Foo Fighters, Muse, and Taking Back Sunday.

All of us are either studying full or working full time, the band is our creative outlet.

Our goals

As a band we are currently aiming to accomplish the following:

  • Get a song played on the radio
  • Have one of our songs used in a professsional skateboard video production
  • Have one of our songs used as the intro or outro song of an anime show

If you have any tips or can help us directly please let us know.


If you want to get in touch about a gig or using our music in a skate/surf/snowboard video or other media production send us a message at

You can also follow us on Facebook at @PlusUltraInstinct.

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